The grade 11 Technical Science Class at Sarel Cilliers High School hosted their first Technical Science competition. As part of their syllabus the Technical Science learners had to build a hydraulic crane out of cardboard, controlled with syringes. The learners were so excited about this, that a few of them took it upon themselves to build their own one. Mrs Menelaou, their current teacher, decided to create a competition in which the learners could compete for a cash prize.

The competition was held on 10 May 2019 in the school hall. There were a total of five cranes that competed in the final round. The cranes were judged by various teachers whose subjects link with Technical Sciences, as well as Mr Menelaou, from Glencoe Spar, who provided the winner with the cash prize. The Science subject advisor, Ms Mnguni, also attended the competition and was pleased to see how keen the learners were to apply their knowledge of the subject. Each machine had to meet certain requirements and were given a score for each one. The 2019 winners were J Lunie and A van der Walt.